Accelerate Big Data Analytics by 100X or more


About AirMettle
AirMettle is developing a real-time smart data lake solution that simplifies big data analytics and accelerates processing by an order of magnitude, or more. The solution is implemented in the data lake storage layer and performs ETL (extract/transform/load) and computation tasks that reduce network traffic, improve data freshness, and enable real-time operation.

Patent-pending AirMettle solutions can:

  • Accelerate petabyte-scale data analytics by orders of magnitude
  • Reduce network congestion, lower compute costs, and speed time to insight
  • Search long video streams using AI and return results in seconds instead of hours

National Science Foundation

Award for our "Real-Time Smart Data Lake"


Built on AWS and Oracle Cloud platforms


Selected member of the AWS Activate program


Developing on-premises AirMettle solutions as a member of the NVIDIA Inception program.


Data Storage Science

Data Landscape

The future of data-centric business.

Data generated by business and research operations, as well as by commercial products and services, streams across the Internet of Things (IoT) or internal networks into IT environments where it is often stored in data lakes. Currently, the majority of organizations surveyed report that they have either already implemented some form of data lake, or they are actively evaluating the technology. No matter the industrial sector, companies that have already implemented data lakes are outperforming their competitors.

Challenges of insight

In fact, over 80% of the execution time for analytics applications is spent on ETL and basic parsing tasks to find and extract relevant data sub-sets, rather than on processing the query itself. This approach is complex, expensive, and slow, delaying the adoption of transformative AI solutions, hampering the flow and analysis of scientific information, and hindering enterprises from gaining all the value possible from their big data assets.
The AirMettle Paradigm

We change the fundamental relationship between data storage and analytics

AirMettle's core innovation is a software-defined storage platform with integrated distributed parallel processing enabling direct queries of semi-structured content in storage. The value gained is reducing network traffic to the query result set instead of the whole data set.

AirMettle can transform disparate data formats into exactly those required by analysis tools, substantially reduce network traffic, and decrease the amount of expensive memory needed by higher-level analytics applications — dramatically accelerating all analytics from storage, especially in petabyte-scale environments.
Best known as the founder of Violin Memory where he developed the original concept; hired and led the core team; raised venture capital from strategic, institutional, and individual investors; established key strategic partnerships in both supply chain and go-to market partners; and developed multiple accounts.
Donpaul Stephens
Founder and CEO
Best known as one of Betfair's founding engineers where, as Chief Technologist, he built the platform that grew into one of the world's largest online gaming companies. Enabling this growth was an internally developed database that processed more transactions than the combined European stock exchanges and catalyzed the launch of Betfair's own financial exchange LMAX.
Matt Youill
Founder, Analytics
Bringing over 20 years of experience designing and implementing large scale consumer-facing products and services for organizations such as the US PTO and AOL. She is one of the principal developers of the AirMettle distributed object storage system.
Chia-lin Wu
Founder, Object Storage
Former founder of a successful consulting company focused on data analytics and storage solutions. Recruited by Fusion-IO & Violin Memory to drive low latency storage sales for these use cases. Developing AirMettle's GTM for our data lake solution that directly accelerates semi-structured data analysis.
Suzanne Caldwell
 Business Development
Former VP of Business Development for Texas Memory Systems, where he developed a comprehensive marketing and channel program which enabled one of the innovators in the solid state storage industry to double revenue in just a few years. Developing technical marketing collateral to facilitate AirMettle’s growth.
Neal Ekker
 Business Communication
Evan Riddell
Rishabh Chittaranjan
 Software Development
James Bowen
 Software Development
Ernest Villafana
 Software Development
Josh Fuhs
 Software Development
Oscar Chan
 Software Development
Anirban Sarkar
 Software Development
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